Belgian breweries fined

EU Commission says Interbrew, Alken-Maes guilty of cartel activities

Dec 5, 2001 - The European Union Commission has fined Interbrew and Alken-Maes, the two largest brewers in Belgium, for cartel activities.


Interbrew was fined 46.5 million Euros and Alken-Maes, 44.6 million Euros. Alken-Maes was owned by Danone of France at the time of the activity. The company is now owned by U.K. brewer Scottish & Newcastle Breweries.

"From early 1993 until the beginning of 1998, the two parties were involved in wide-ranging cartel activities on the Belgian beer market," the Commission, the E.U.'s executive branch, said in a statement. "A striking feature of this cartel is that the CEOs themselves and other top management of the companies regularly met to initiate and monitor the ... arrangements."

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