Moylan's beer new Alpha King

Double IPA from California wins hoppy challenge

Oct 3, 2001 - Moylanders Double IPA from Moylan Brewing Co. in Novato, Calif., was chosen as new Alpha King during the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colo.


Three Floyds Brewing Co. of Munster, Ind., conducted The Alpha King Challenge at Falling Rock Tap House, pitting some of the hoppiest beers in the country against each other. Beers are scored on their hoppiness, balance, and drinkability.

The term "Alpha" comes from the acids in the hops that give beer their bitterness. A high "Alpha" content in hops would produce a hoppy beer. Three Floyds flagship beer is known as Alpha King.

First runner up in the competition was Rogue Shakespeare Stout (placing for the second time in three years), and second runner up was Stone Brewing's 5th Anniversary IPA.

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