King of Beers toppled

Bud Light takes over from Bud as top-selling beer

Sept 26, 2001 - Budweiser, long the No. 1 selling beer in America, has been toppled -- by its low cal sibling, Bud Light. Both beers are produced by Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis. This month's Market Watch, a spirits industry publication, reports that Bud Light has eclipsed Budweiser for the first time since the light beer was introduced in 1982. Budweiser continues to be the top-selling beer in the world.


Bud Light's volume is expected to increase by 7% this year to 33.6 million barrels, while Bud's is on track to dip about 2% to 32.5 million barrels. The reduced-calorie brew also has grown from a 6% U.S. market share in 1990 to an estimated 16.8% share in 2001.

The change is part of an overall trend. In 2000, light beer accounted for 44% of all the malt beverages consumed in the United States.

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