Glacier beer is back

63°N 46°W made from ice up to 250,000 years old

July 9, 2001 - Fischer Beverages has announced it will bring bring back 63°N 46°W beer, which drew international attention when it was first sold at the end of 1999. The beer is brewed with water collected from the glaciers of Greenland at polar coordinates 63° North by 46° West. In these extreme regions, the ice lying dormant thousands of meters below the surface may be up to 250,000 years old.


La Brasserie Fischer sold 1,000 3-bottle boxes at the end of 1999 to mark the arrival of a new millennium.

Janot Lamberton, a pioneer and current world record holder in sub-glacial exploration, was charged with finding the ice for the beer. The ice was next transported to the Fischer brewing facility in Alsace, France, in solid form. Then it was melted and combined with spring malt and hops to produce a limited amount of cases of 63°N 46°W beer.

The beer is being solid in select European locations and through the Fischer Internet website.

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