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Vermont brewery honors senator with 'Jeezum Jim'

June 26, 2001 - Vermont's Magic Hat Brewing Co. has added a beer called Jeezum Jim to its lineup of craft beers, named in honor of Sen. Jim Jeffords. Jeffords recently left the Republican Party to become an Independent, thereby giving control of the U.S. Senate to the Democratic Party.


"This beer is for everyone who follows their convictions," said Alan Newman, co-founder of Magic Hat.

A local columnist gave Jeffords the nickname, "Jeezum Jim" years ago. "'Jeezum' is a farmer cuss word," said Newman.

"A celebration of conviction, courage and the difference one man can make," reads the bright orange, white and blue label on the bottle. Magic Hat originally brewed the beer for this spring's Jazzfest in Burlington, Vt. The brewery decided to make a commemorative batch of 1,000 cases after receiving inquiries from across the nation.

When asked if he is a beer drinker, Jeffords said, "Oh sure, I like beer. This beer is a moderate beer -- totally consistent with my philosophy." Jeezum Jim is brewed in the style of an English mild, "with a beautiful copper color, a medium body and a very level head," Newman said.

Jeezum Jim will be officially introduced at a launch party on July 5 at Magic Hat Brewing Co. in South Burlington, Vt.

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