Thief picks off beer recipes

Scottish police think man didn't know what he had

Apr 4, 2001 - Secret recipes for some of Scotland's better known beers were taken when a man stole a lap top comptuer from Edinburgh brewer Caledonian.


Management at Caledonian's Slateford Road headquarters feared that detailed instructions on how to make award-winning ales like 80/- and IPA, which were stored on the stolen computer, could fall into the hands of rivals. However, police who recovered the computer believe the thief was after the computer only, and the brewery has also ruled out espionage.

"All of the recipes for all of the things we produce were on it and they could have been of use to someone," said Caledonia spokesman Dougal Sharp. "The instructions weren't in code, or chemical symbols - they were just details of weights and measures.

"If the thief had known what he had, it might have interested another brewery."

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