Australians make it themselves

Higher beer taxes boost homebrew kit sales

Mar 23, 2001 - An increase in beer taxes have sent Australian beer lovers to their garages to make beer. "We've had huge sales of homebrew kits in the last eight months," said Alec Hill of Pacific Brewing.


Meanwhile, the Australian Hotels Association said there has been a sharp decline in over-the-counter beer sales since the consumption tax hiked the price of on-tap beer by 9%.

Reuters news service reports that sales of homebrewing kits have risen 55% at Woolworths, Australia's largest grocer, since the introduction of a 10% goods and services tax 10 months ago.

A kit costs A$70 (about $35 in the United States) and makes five gallons of beer, or about or 60 smallish bottles called "stubbies" in Australia. An ingredients refill for another batch of 60 bottles run just A$11.50, compared to A$25 for a case of 24 bottles in a hotel.

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