Beer drinkers toast Greenspan

Fed chairman rates higher than stock market in Sam Adams' poll

Mar 20, 2001 - Falling stock prices may have left many Americans unsure about their financial futures, but a new Sam Adams/Roper-Starch survey shows that Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan remains unscathed.


The survey -- which was taken before the Fed cut interest rates by half a percentage point on Tuesday -- found 50% of Americans in the poll said they would raise their glasses, or bottles of beer, to "toast" Greenspan. Just 30% wanted to "roast" the chairman.

On the other hand, 45% of people polled by Boston Beer Co. (brewer of Sam Adams beer( and Roper-Strach would rather "roast" than "toast" the financial market over a bottle of beer.

And what about President George Bush, who is pushing for a tax cut to help get the economy back on track? The survey showed almost equal support (47%) and criticism (43%).

Former President Bill Clinton didn't fare as well. A full 55% of those in the poll want to roast Clinton, with only 38% willing to raise a beer to toast his contributions.

The telephone poll, of 1,000 adults, was taken March 13-15. Its margin of sampling error was plus or minus three percentage points.

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