Poles crackdown on beer ads

Laws would restrict what's in advertisements, where they are shown

Mar 3, 2001 - Polish lawmakers have taken action to to severely limit beer advertisements. PAP news agency reported the measures includes restrictions on content of the ads, where ads are appropriate and when advertisements can be shown to the public.


Various laws would:

- Ban beer advertisements from television, radio, cinemas and theaters from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

- Prohibit advertisements that allude to sex, relaxation, sport activities or success.

- Ban beer advertisements from from video cassettes, youth-oriented magazines, magazine covers and billboards.

- Ban consumption of alcohol on the street and in parks.

- Give employers the right to demand employees submit to alcohol tests, with a refusal being considered equivalent to an admission of not being sober

Breweries and alcohol producers would still be able to use their trademarks to sponsor sports and cultural events. Ads for hard alcoholic beverages were already severely restricted. The measures, known in Poland as amendments, must still be considered by the upper house of the Polish parliament and the president before becoming law.

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