Brewery saves Milwaukee treasure

Lakefront will make stadium slide and giant beer mug part of brewery tour

Nov 13, 2000 - Lakefront Brewery plans to preserve a bit of Milwaukee history that combines both beer and baseball.


Lakefront owner Jim Klisch bought Bernie Brewer's chalet from County Stadium, which is being torn down. He moved the 29-foot slide and beer mug to his brewery, which is located on the Milwaukee River near downtown. Milwaukee Brewers mascot Bernie Brewer used to slide down the slide into a mug of beer to celebrate Brewers home runs.

Klisch paid $18,000 for the chalet. "I thought it would be a hoot. You could slide down the slide during a brewery tour," Klisch said. He plans to repaint the slide and mug (which will now have Lakefront's name on it) and hold a contest to see who gets to slide down it into the brewery first.

"I try not to look at it as a boy's toy," said his wife, May. "In a way it's a little piece of a childhood dream come true for him."

The Brewers officially left County Stadium last week, moving into their new offices at Miller Park this week. They will begin playing baseball in the new stadium newxt spring.

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