Coors goes to court on Mexican beer

Trademark battle slows launch of Mexicala beer

Sept 26, 2000 - Coors Brewing Co. finds itself lock in a trademark battle that has slowed its plans to beginning selling a new brand of beer brewed in Mexico.


Coors filed suit in U.S. District Court against a California Co. that claims it owns the trademark Coors wants to use. Coors said it has spent more than $2 million developing its "Mexicali beer business plan." Coors plans to market the Mexican beer in the United States under the names Mexicali and Bandido.

Coors' Mexican beer would be produced by Cervacia Mexicali S.A. (Cermex) of Tecate, Mexico

Dumex filed a lawsuit in state court in California against Cermex and a company known as the Cabo Group. Coors isn't named as a defendant, but Dumex obtained a court order requiring that anyone "acting in concert" with Cermex, such as Coors, stop using any of the trademarks relating to Mexicali and Bandido beer.

Dumex's "ulterior purpose for using the state court proceeding in California is to exact a settlement from Coors, knowing that Coors is eager to launch and test the Mexicali beer product," Coors said in its complaint.

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