Portland Brewing imports scotch

Brewery will sell MacTarnahan's Scotch under its own label

Sept 15, 2000 - Portland Brewing Co. has become the first craft brewer in the United States to import a scotch under its own label.


Portland Brewing won approval from the staff of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to have MacTarnahan's Scotch "listed" as a product eligible for distribution by the state's liquor warehouses and sold in liquor stores. Stuart Ramsay, a Scotch whisky authority who served as a consultant to PBC as the company negotiated with Scottish distilleries, said the scotch would hit area store shelves by the end of the month.

The company introduced the scotch to the public at the 135th Caledonian Club of San Francisco's Scottish Games.

The 15-year-old scotch will sell for $49.95 per 750 milligram bottle and $299.70 per six-bottle case. PBC projects it will sell around 180 cases per six months. It will be stronger--46% alcohol--than most of its category counterparts, which normally are 43% alcohol.

The brewery won't disclose which Scottish company is distilling the product. PBC marketing director Eric Starr said some importers and labelers cannot tout their involvement with a specific distillery because distilleries often make brands for several different distributors.

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