Tavern owner sues underage drinker

Iowa publican says youth 'threatened livelihood'

Sept 2, 2000 - Mitchell, Iowa, tavern owner Stan Walk has sued an underage drinker for ordering a beer.


Dustin Weiner, a 20-year-old Iowa State University sophomore, said the suit is "really unfair" and intends to fight it. "I ordered a beer, I was playing Foosball and I was arrested and went to jail," said Weiner.

"Now I'm getting sued." Usually, Weiner would get a $100 fine for his first offense. Walk says it's unfair that businesses stand to lose their liquor licenses for selling alcohol to minors.

"Bars have always just taken the heat," said Walk, who owns the Mitchell Dam Bar. "We said to heck with that. He (Weiner) really threatened my livelihood." Walk wants Weiner to pay $2,500 for accusations that a bartender did not check for proper identification, and an additional $60 for time he spent convincing prosecutors that the allegations were false.

Weiner showed fake identification in his bar, according to Walk, but the college student claims that police never found one when they searched him.

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