Rockies get taste of Coors

Brewery accidentally dumps 77,500 gallons of beer into local creek

Aug 28, 2000 - The Coors Brewing Co. accidentally dumped 77,500 gallons of beer into creek last week, killing thousands of fishing and prompting health warnings near the brewery in Golden, Colo.


Spokeswoman Aimee St. Clair said an employee flipped the wrong switch, emptying beer from fermenting tanks and washing it through a wastewater treatment plant before it ended up in Clear Creek. "`Somebody made a mistake,'' she said. "We're trying to track down how it happened so it doesn't happen again.''

The Colorado Department of Public Health advised residents to avoid contact with the creek south of the brewery because of a small bacterial risk. The water could cause illness if consumed, said J. David Holm, director of the

Water Quality Division. Officials with the state Division of Wildlife could not give an exact number of fish killed but estimated it was thousands.

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