New high energy beer

'Hard E' will contain ginseng, vitamins

Aug 10, 2000 - A California-based company plan to produce the world's first hard energy malt beverage, called "Hard E," at Gluek Brewing Co. in Cold Spring, Minn.


The beer, which will have 5% alcohol by volume, with include ginseng extract, vitamins, other nutrients, a clear malt base, and natural citrus flavor containing imported vodka. Gluek will brew the beer for the Hard E Beverage Co.

"The history of the beer brewing industry has always been sort of 'me too' since beers contain many of the same ingredients, but 'Hard E' opens up a totally new kind of malt beverage...something this industry has never seen," said Maurice Bryan, president of Gluek Brewing Co. "It's a whole new category for the beer industry."

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