Miller saves $1 million on power bill

Government program helps brewery reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Aug 8, 2000 - A government program helped Miller Brewing Co. save $1 million in energy costs at is Milwaukee brewery in 1999.


The program, called Climate Wise, is designed to help industrial companies cut the emission of greehouse gases. The program cuts carbon dioxide emissions through strict monitoring requirements and the development and identification of more efficient production processes and equipment. The ensuing reduction in energy use, and with it, the reduction in energy costs, benefit the company and the environment, proponents say.

Audrey Templeton, Miller's environmental and energy coordinator, said that Climate Wise and other energy conservation initiatives helped reduce the amount of energy used to produce a barrel of beer by 3% in 1999. While the reduction in energy usage per barrel didn't match the company goal of 5%, the results allowed Miller to save an estimated $1.2 million on energy.

The company managed the reduction by replacing old equipment at the brewery and implementing some simple energy conservation measures, such as turning off some brewery lights at night, Templeton said.

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