Pizza Hut ready to deliver beer

Trial begins next month in New Zealand

June 21, 2000 - Pizza Hut in New Zealand may soon deliver customers beer to go along with their pizza.


Restaurant Brands, which operates Pizza Hut and the KFC chain, plans to leverage its recent $28.3 million purchase of 53 Eagle Boys stores and expand into home delivery of liquor and other products, possibly including videos.

Chief executive Jim Collier said the company's 100-station call center, its pizza-ordering Web site and its data base of 900,000 customers ideally placed it to expand home delivery to a broader range of products. Collier said a trial will begin from a number of Auckland Pizza Hut stores next month.

The move to home-deliver liquor has alcohol watchdogs worried about the company's ability to enforce strict new laws under the Sale of Liquor Act and protect the safety of its delivery staff.

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