Three new members join AHA board

Babcock, Bonham and O'Connor will be sworn in next week

June 13, 2000 - American Homebrewers Association members have elected three new representatives and returned another to the 15-member AHA Board of Advisors.


Pat Babcock, Louis Bonham, Lynn O'Connor and Randy Mosher will be sworn in on June 22 at the next meeting of the Board during the AHA National Homebrewers Conference in Livonia, Mich.

The AHA Board of Advisors voted in 1998 to change the selection of advisors from an appointment system to a general election in order to make the seats on the Board more accessible to interested AHA members. In the past existing members of the Board appointed individuals with strong ties to the AHA and the homebrewing community to fill vacant seats.

The AHA currently has 15,000 members, well off its highest levels. Mosher, who members voted to a second term on the board, noted:

"Partly due to homebrewers' unintended success of broadening the commercial availability of good beer, one of the most powerful reasons to brew-simply to get great beer-is less compelling than it once was, and consequently, our ranks diminished in the few years. I believe it is important to encourage the uniquely wonderful qualities of this hobby-fraternity, fun, experimentation, artistic creativity, curiosity and a dash of mad science."

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