Corona joins can crowd

Wide mouth opening will accommodate lime wedge

June 5, 2000 - Corona Extra, the No. 1 import in the United States, will be available in cans for the first time this summer. The can will have a "wide mouth" opening to accommodate the lime wedge that is often served with Corona.


"For years our customers have asked us to offer a Corona can and we're excited that our Grupo Modelo partners have committed to producing this new package for the U.S. market," said Alexander Berk, CEO of Barton Inc., one of two companies that imports Corona.

"Corona in the clear bottle will remain the primary Corona Extra package, but the can will offer consumers the opportunity to enjoy the number one imported beer in places where they previously could not," said Carlos Alvarez, president of The Gambrinus Co., the other importer of Corona.

Corona Extra is the number one selling beer in Mexico, the fifth largest selling beer brand in the world and is available in 150 countries.

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