Pearl Brewery to stay open

Pabst will cut jobs, move production but keep plant alive

June 2, 2000 - San Antonio's Pearl Brewery received a stay of execution this week when the Pabst Brewing Co. decided to keep the 114-year-old plant open for at least three more years. That reverses an April decision to close the brewery, but still means layoffs for about 300 of 340 workers.


Pabst will still cut production at the plant to 500,000 barrels, about half of what it had been making. The brewery will continue to produce Pearl and Lone Star, two beers that were first brewed in San Antonio, as well as (malt liquor) champales.

Production of Old Milwaukee, Schlitz and other Pabst-owned brands will be made under contract by Miller Brewing in Milwaukee.

After first announcing it would close the brewery and contract all production with Miller, Pabst discovered that the Miller plant could not take on the smaller volume Pearl and Lone Star products or the special bottles used for the champales.

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