Mannekin Pis label ban stands

Ohio appeals court upholds ruling against Paulaner North America

May 29, 2000 - Paulaner North America apparently has lost its long-running battle with the state of Ohio over the label for Mannekin Pis, a beer that PNA imports from Belgium.


The beers label features the famous bronze statue of a naked small boy urinating.

Ohio officials called the label "offensive and in poor taste" and banned Paulaner from shipping the beer into the state. Paulaner argued that Mannekin Pis isn't a mere sophomoric play on words, but is a famous artwork that dates to at least 1377 and stands near the Grand Place in Brussels.

PNA lost its latest round in appeals court when the court agreed that the government can't legislate taste, but upheld the ban based on an Ohio law that forbids the portrayal of children on beer bottles.

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