A beer a day ...

New study shows 1-2 pints a day can reduce risk of heart attacks

May 18, 2000 - A new study published in the British Medical Journal contends that drinking a pint of beer every day can reduce the risk of heart attacks.


A study of Czech men found that those who drank up to two pints of beer a day had the lowest risk of coronary heart disease. The men were chosen because they predominately drank beer and rarely drank wine or spirits.

Several scientific studies have shown that drinks like red wine can help reduce heart disease. But researchers have been unsure whether the effect is due to the chemical ethanol in alcoholic drinks, or ingredients in certain tipples, such as red wine or spirits.

Because this research by Dr. Martin Bobak of University College, London, was confined to men who only drank beers, it showed that the benefits of moderate drinking are related more to ethanol than to specific ingredients.

The lowest risk of heart disease was among men who drank daily and drank between four to nine liters (eight to 16 pints) of beer a week. Drinking large amounts of beer led to a loss of the protective results of alcohol.

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