A-B, Oklahoma police partner

Underage drinking education campaign launched

May 11, 2000 - The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police and Anheuser-Busch have begun a statewide initiative to help prevent underage drinking among Oklahoma youth. They are distributing educational materials to 85,000 Oklahoma households with children aged 12-17.


The educational materials, called "Family Talk About Drinking," are designed to help parents and teens have open communications about alcohol beverages and the risks of underage drinking. The cost for distributing the materials statewide is $50,000 and will be paid for by Anheuser-Busch.

"Teaching our kids about what's expected of them in life begins at home, as every parent knows," said Chief James Cox (Ret.), executive director of the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police.

The "Family Talk About Drinking" program includes a guide for parents and an educational video.

Nationally, underage drinking is down significantly according to the federal government. Since 1982, teen drinking has declined 45% and teen drunk driving fatalities have declined 65%. In Oklahoma, there has been a 64% decline in teen drunk driving fatalities during that time period.

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