Beer heart friendlier than wine

Vitamin B6 prevents buildup of chemical linked to heart disease

Apr 28, 2000 - A new study indicates beer is better for your heart than red wine or liquor.


That's because beer contains vitamin B6, which prevents the buildup of an amino acid called homocysteine that has been linked to heart disease. Dutch researchers found that homocysteine levels did not increase after drinking beer, but rose nearly 10 percent after drinking wine and liquor.

"Such an increase in homocysteine coincides with a 10 to 20% increase in cardiovascular disease," said Dr. Henk Hendriks, who directed the study at the TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute in Utrecht. Hendriks found that those who drank beer had a 30% increase in vitamin B6 in their blood plasma.

Hendriks said beer may have various benefits for the heart. Moderate consumption "affects many processes in the body, one of which is the significant increase in HDL cholesterol - the good cholesterol."

However, he added, "One should not drink alcohol to become healthy."

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