Real Beer, World Beer Tour merge

Company will deliver some of world's rarest beers

Apr 27, 2000 - Real Beer, Inc. of San Francisco and of Redmond, Washington, the largest Internet-based beer club, have announced plans to merge operations. The new company, to be named L.L.C., is designed to provide the ultimate beer experience on the Internet, establishing a community of impassioned beer lovers and locating and arranging the delivery of some of the rarest beers in the world.


"Beyond e-commerce logistics, the biggest challenge Internet retail sites face is member acquisition," said Pat Hagerman, President of Real Beer, Inc. "With 350,000 loyal users and a growing number of new users visiting the site each month, Real Beer has tackled that challenge. The World Beer Tour commitment to an incredible consumer experience and sophisticated approach to the regulatory and cost issues of Internet beer delivery brings a new depth to the beer experience."

Mark Silva, CEO of Real Beer, Inc., added, "This merger extends our commitment to delivering an intimate, branded consumer experience in our vertical portal while also realizing significant high-margin revenue increases by bringing consumers and beer together."

"It's really a situation of one plus one equals three," said Robert Imeson, President of "Real Beer's audience and content combine with's exclusive import/distribution relationships to ensure that we provide the beer consumer the ultimate beer experience."

Launched six months ago after nearly a year of research & development, WBT distinguishes itself from other clubs by focusing on the developing Internet community to build its brand. It has exclusive contracts with the world's top beer expert, Michael Jackson, and with some of the world's best breweries.

Jackson selects the beers and provides customers with tasting notes as well as brewery history. creates a "gourmet beer community" through member services such as on-line chats, virtual tastings and an online area for members to write and view thoughts on each beer style. "Real Beer's vision of community works perfectly with our company goals," said Imeson. "And their global presence sets up the infrastructure for international expansion." works within the complex infrastructure required to ship alcohol legally to consumers throughout the United States.

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