Beer, bowling reunited in Massachusetts

Legislature passes measure ending 38-year ban

Apr 12, 2000 - After nearly 40 years, beer and bowling are almost back together again in Massachusetts. Both houses of the state legislature have passed a bill that would legalize the consumption of alcoholic beverages at bowling alleys. The governor must still sign the measure.


The alcohol ban, which affects about 80 bowling alleys statewide, was enacted in 1962 to ensure that the businesses remained family-oriented, said Rep. Daniel Bosley, who authored the legislation ending the ban.

"There seems to have been some kind of alcohol-related accident that was the catalyst for the law, but it seems a little outdated," he said.

For years, bowling alley owners say, they have diligently policed barriers between lounge areas and alleys. Allowing that barrier to break down, they say, opened them up to citations and legal liability. The bill, they say, would allow them to relax.

In all the nation's other 49 states it is already legal to drink while bowling.

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