Miller takes on German market

Brewer hopes to double sales; may test Miller Lite

Mar 28, 2000 - Miller Brewing Co. hopes to double its sales in the German market within the next three years. Foreign sales (about half of them in Britain, Ireland and Germany) account for only 7% of the company's total sales, but are growing.


"Sales growth generated on the international markets will in future outpace that of the U.S. market," chief executive John Bowlin told Handlesblatt. "We expect to see double-digit growth on our core foreign markets. Germany is of particular strategic importance to us. From there, we are able to expand into other countries."

Miller Genuine Draft is currently the best-selling non-European beer in Germany.

Bowlin did not rule out the possibility of selling Miller Lite in Germany. He also said that next year Miller will launch a plastic beer bottle on the European markets. "We believe this innovation will prove extremely successful in certain areas, for example for consumption in sports stadia, at concerts, or on the beach," he said.

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