Brewery must compensate alcoholic employee

Brazilian brewer tasted up to 3 gallons a day for 20 years

Mar 23, 2000 - A Brazilian brewer won a court case against his former boss Brahma brewery, arguing that years of tasting up to 3.1 gallons a day had turned him into an alcoholic. A Brazilian court ordered Brahma to pay former senior brewer Bernd Naveke $30,000 in damages and a monthly pension for life equal to his old salary of about $2,600.


Naveka spent 20 years working for Brahma before being forced to retire at the age of 40 due to his drinking problem. Beer quality tests were part of his job.

Naveke's lawyers said the brewer had to drink six to eight liters (1.6 to 2.1 gallons) of beer each day starting early in the morning. Ahead of weekends and holidays, his daily intake was as high as 3.1 gallons.

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