First lime, now lemon

A-B follows Tequiza with Tequiza Extra, then lemon-flavored malt drink

Mar 21, 2000 - Anheuser-Busch continues to roll at malt beverages that don't resemble traditional beer, this week launching Tequiza Extra and in May introducing a lemon-flavored alcoholic drink called Doc Otis.


Tequiza Extra has a stronger tequila flavor than Tequiza. Tequiza -- whose name is derived by combining "cerveza," the Spanish word for beer, with tequila -- is made by blending beer with blue agave nectar and a natural flavor of lime and imported tequila and has been wildly successful since debuting last year.

Doc Otis is made with real lemon juice. A-B -- which brews the nation's top two selling beers, Budweiser and Bud Light -- said the goal is a product that is pleasantly sweet but with enough tartness to appeal to adults. It follows other recent rollouts of non-traditional beverages.

"Our popular high-end beverages such as Tequiza are demonstrating there are additional opportunities in the flavored malt-beverage segment," said Steve Bagwell, vice president of premium plus brands. "We believe Doc Otis will capitalize on this trend by appealing to high-end beverage consumers who prefer more exotic flavors traditionally linked to imports and micro/specialty beers, mixed drinks, wine and wine coolers."

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