'Got Beer?' campaign scrapped

Animal-rights group defers to MADD

Mar 16, 2000 - Pressure from anti-drunken driving activists has forced an animal-rights group to discontinue its "Got Beer?" advertising campaign after only a few days. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said it stopped the campaign out of respect for concerns raised by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.


The "Got Beer?" campaign -- parody of the dairy industry's "Got Milk?" advertisements -- generated plenty of attention for PETA. In it the group urged college students to replace their milk mustaches with beer.

PETA contends that milk cows and their calves suffer on factory farms and that the fat and cholesterol in milk make it less healthy than drinking beer. Although the campaign makes it clear that juice, water, soda and soy milk are preferable to beer, it was quickly attacked by MADD.

"MADD got their message out; we got our message out," said Bruce Friedrich of PETA. "Our goal was always to raise awareness about the suffering of cows and their calves, and we've certainly done that."

The Norfolk-based group will give MADD $500 collected from employees and include a link to MADD on its website as goodwill gestures.

The attention MADD focused to the advertising campaign may have shortened its life, but it also heightened the attention. Just two days after PETA announced it was giving away bottle openers that say, "Drinking Responsibly Means Not Drinking Milk-Save a Cow's Life," to college students who visit the site contained a message it was out of the openers.

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