Georgia strong beer law dies

Measure legalizing beer stronger than 6% stopped in committee

Mar 15, 2000 - Georgia beer lovers will have to wait at least another legislative session to enjoy beer strong than 6% by volume. The bill the state house passed that would have permitted sale of stronger beer died in a Senate committee.


The House voted 126-42 to alter Georgia's definition of "malt beverages" and allow stronger beers to be sold. Currently, state law prohibits selling beer that contains more than 6% alcohol by volume (Budweiser is 5%). The measure passed by the House would boost the limit to 14% and charge twice the state tax on the stronger beers.

The organization that has been lobbying to change the law -- "Georgians for World Class Beer" -- has already starting making plans to get the measure through both houses next year.

After the the House passed the bill it received considerable attention, causing neo-prohibitionists and church groups to protest. That gave it little chance of getting out of committee in an election year.

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