Save a cow, drink a beer

Animal activist group launches 'Got Beer?' campaign

Mar 13, 2000 - The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals show no fear of making enemies with their new "Got Beer?" campaign on college campuses.


Not only does PETA challenge the milk lobby by urging college students to replace their milk mustaches with beer, but the group has offended Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

MADD sent a letter to PETA, complaining the advertising will encourage underage drinking. A PETA spokesman denied the group is trying to promote underage drinking or drunken driving. "College students are savvy," said Bruce Friedrich, PETA's vegetarian campaign coordinator. "Nobody's going to put beer on their Cheerios or get drunk and drive as a result of our campaign."

The campaign makes it clear that juice, water, soda and soy milk are preferable to beer, Friedrich said. PETA -- which is based in Norfolk, Va. -- contends that milk is full of fat and cholesterol, while beer contains neither. PETA's first concern is about what it says is the cruel treatment of milk cows and their calves on factory farms.

A spokeswoman for the dairy industry's "Got Milk?" and milk mustache campaigns countered the PETA charges by pointing out the nutrients milk supplies and said when cows are treated well they produce more milk.

PETA is giving away bottle openers that say, "Drinking Responsibly Means Not Drinking Milk_Save a Cow's Life," to college students who visit

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