Portland Brewing cans MacTarnahan's

Most popular brand soon headed to new locations in 12-ounce cans

Mar 8, 2000 - Portland Brewing Co. will soon be the first Northwest microbrewery to can its craft beer. The brewery plans to release its most popular brand, MacTarnahan's, in 12-ounce cans.


Cans allow MacTarnahan's to penetrate "can-only" markets where craft beers have minimal representation, including airlines, golf courses and marinas. The bright green cans will be available this spring throughout the West.

"These new points of distribution offer tremendous growth opportunity for MacTarnahan's because they're virtually untapped by the craft brewing industry," said Vice President of Sales Mark Carver. "Essentially, we're giving golfers, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts a choice between the traditional domestic and import beers that come in cans and a genuine microbrew."

Carver said that initial response from golf courses, airlines, wholesalers and supermarket chains has been excellent, with the first batches fully allocated.

"The notion that you can't put a craft beer in a can is ridiculous," said Portland brewmaster Brett Porter. "There are a lot of great canned beers out there, like Boddington's and Guinness, but they're not coming from the Pacific Northwest -- the center of American craft brewing. It's time for MacTarnahan's."

The brewery has already made arrangements with Alaska Airlines to serve cans of MacTarnahan's on all flights beginning March 2000.

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