Stone directs Heineken ads

Commercials for Hong Kong market barely feature Asians

Mar 6, 2000 - Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone has filmed his first commercials, advertising Heineken to the Hong Kong market. The second of the three multi-million dollar ads has created the same sort of controversy Stone managed with movies such as J.F.K and Platoon.


It features only one Chinese face among many Westerners drinking Heineken. In his first commercial, a group of Asians appears only briefly in a predominantly Western bar.

Miranda Cheung Po-wan, assistant marketing manager of Heineken Hong Kong, which commissioned the project, said: "We are targeting young, trendy Chinese, between 18 and 39. Having foreigners on the commercial won't stop them from drinking Heineken. In fact, it could enhance our international image."

Heineken won't say how much it paid Stone to direct the commercials.

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