U.S. beer sales up 1.6%

Jump largest since '90; A-B biggest winner

Jan 11, 2000 - U.S. beers sales increased 1.6% in 1999, the biggest jump since 1990, according to Beer Marketer's Insight, an industry newsletter.


Anheuser-Busch was the biggest beneficiary, selling 96.8 million barrels of beer to increase its market share to 47.5%. Overall, beer sales rose from 196.6 million barrels to 198.8 barrels.

Second place Miller Brewing gained 1.6 million beer-barrel sales, primarily because of its purchase of brands such as Henry Weinhard's and Mickeys from Stroh Brewery Co. Miller sold 44.6 million barrels and boosted its market share to 21.6%.

All others in the top 10 gained marginally in share except for No. 4 Pabst, which dropped despite acquiring most of the Stroh brands, and Genesee, which has agreed to selling its brewing operation to Platinum Holdings.

In order, the top selling companies were: 1. Anheuser-Busch (96.8 million), 2. Miller (44.1), 3. Adolph Coors (21.9), 4. Pabst (14.0), 5. Heineken (4.0), 6. Labatt USA (3.6), 7. Gambrinus (3.4), 8. Barton (3.1), 9. Guinness (1.6), 10. Genesee (1.3). Both Gambrinus and Barton import the popular Mexican beer, Corona.

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