Beer made from glacier water

French brewery sells '63°N46°W' only via the Internet

Dec 21, 1999 - Beer maker La Brasserie Fischer has rolled out something new for the millennium. The French brewery is selling 1,000 3-bottle boxes of a special beer called 63°N46°W. It is made from water taken from ice the brewery says could be up to 250,000 years old.


The ice blocks were acquired during an expedition into Greenland headed by glacionaut Janot Lamberton. They were taken at 63° Northern latitude and 46° Western longitude -- thus the name. Each bottle is numbered and dated.

Fischer promotes this as a beer to taste "at the dawn of the millennium" and claims the water is free of pollution because of arctic cold. The pale beer contains 5% alcohol by volume.

63°N46°W is on sale only at a special Internet site --, which is in French. The beer is sold by the box, with each box containing three 33 cl bottles. The cost is 170 Francs ($26 US), with shipping to most places in the world additional.

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