Country pub installs defibrillator

Machine may save lives in out-of-the-way villages

Dec 11, 1999 - A British pub in a small country town has reemphasized its status as community center by installing a life-saving device for heart attack victims.


The 2,500 defibrillator - which gives electric shocks to "jump start" patients back to life - has been installed at the Deane Gate in Deane, near Andover, Hampshire. Andover, a village of 63, is 20 minutes drive from the nearest hospital. The machine will serve residents of Andover and two other villages minutes away.

Mike Perkins, the landlord, had the idea after a friend died of a heart attack yards from the pub. Figures from the British Heart Foundation show that of the 780 people who suffer a heart attack every day in Britain, between 200 and 250 die before reaching hospital.

Although special training is not necessary, half-a-dozen pub regulars are attending classes in the correct use of the machine. At one time defibrillators were highly complex and could only be used by doctors or specially trained paramedics.

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