Biotech firm buys Kentucky brewery

Facility will be used for waste research, brewing

Oct 29, 1999 - When beer aficionados talk about pairing beer and food they don't include animal feed, but a Kentucky biotechnology firm plans to make just that sort of pairing. No, not to mix the two in production or serve the two at beer dinners -- but to brew beer and do biotech research in the same building.


Alltech Inc., a Nicholasville firm, bought Lexington Brewing Co.'s equipment and lease on its building on the west edge of downtown Lexington.

"We needed a place where we could put fermenters. They have a fermenter,'' T. Pearse Lyons said. "It's a good fit.'' Alltech needed another lab in which to research diets that reduce waste from hogs and dairy cows, Lyons said. The firm had run out of room at its 120-acre, 200-employee plant in Nicholasville.

Lexington Brewing Co. will no longer brew beer but plans to continue selling its Limestone Ale and Kentucky Hemp Ale brands. It will have them made by an out-of-state brewer.

Lyons, an Irish-born businessman, has a brewing degree from a school in England, plans to develop his own line of beer, which will be produced at the former Lexington Brewing site. He expects to begin production early next year and employ 15-20 in the brewery operation.

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