Corona loses trademark dispute

Interbrew wins battle over use of brand name in Russia

Sept 23, 1999 - Belgium's Interbrew, which brews Sibirskaya Corona beer in Russia, won a trademark dispute with Mexico's Grupo Modelo over the use of the word Corona in Russia. Russia's patent office rejected Modelo's complaint that Sibirskaya Corona, which means Siberian Crown, violates the trademark of Mexico's Corona brand.


Made in the Siberian town of Omsk, Sibirskaya Corona is packaged in a dark brown bottle with a light green label decorated with a golden crown and fir-tree branches. The Siberian pilsner is darker than its Mexican competitor.

When Modelo entered the Spanish market a decade ago, a sherry bottler already held the rights to the brand Corona, forcing Modelo to change its brand name to Coronita, or Little Crown.

Russia is not a big market for Modelo, which sells its beer in 140 countries but the United States is easily its largest market.

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