Now that's a big beer

And all it costs is 635 for a bottle

Sept 1, 1999 - How big does a bottle of beer have to be before you'd spend $1,000 for it?


Bierodrome, a division of London's popular Belgo restaurant chain, offers a bottle that takes two from the bar staff to pour, a 15-liter serving that goes for 635 (about $1,000). That works out to nearly $40 per pint.

The bottles of Bon-Secours are steady, if not big, sellers at Bierodrome. The pub is located in the Islington neighborhood just north of the British capital's financial district, and offers about 200 different Belgian beers.

Stag parties use the big bottle to get things rolling, for instance. The large bottles, called Nebuchadnezzars, hold the equivalent of 20 standard wine bottles and come with a wax seal. The Bon-Secours at the Bierodrome is made at the Caulier Frères Brewery in Péruwelz in the Walloon region and bottled to order. The filling, corking and settling of each bottle takes about a week.

As part of the purchase price, Bierodrome offers 15 toward cab fare home and lets the purchaser keep the bottle.

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