Washington board rejects beer label

State board opposed to use of 'delirium' on label

Aug 31, 1999 - The Huyghe Brewery of Belgium isn't having much luck getting a license to sell its beer in the state of Washington. A three-member state liquor board rejected the brewery's request to sell a beer in Washington state under the label of "Delirium Nocturnum Belgian Ale."


The proposed label ran afoul of a state administrative code that requires "good taste" in liquor advertising and prohibits statements and images that are either in "bad taste" or promote excessive drinking. Agency staffers said that the Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the word "delirium" as "to be crazy," "a mental disturbance" or "a violent excitement."

The liquor board earlier rejected the brewery's application to sell "Delirium Tremens Ale" that featured a label decorated with pink elephants and dancing alligators. Huyghe has run into trouble in the past with other licensing authorities who feel the label makes light of the hallucinatory disease associated with alcoholism, the "DT's."

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