Mexican brewer defends Corona name

Grupo Modelo ready to take Russian brewer to court for 'pirating'

Aug 19, 1999 - Mexican brewer Grupo Modelo is headed to court to halt the sale of another beer labeled "Corona" in Russia.


"We are going to legally challenge a Russian company for pirating our brand because it is producing a beer called Corona," said Graciela Reynoso, a spokeswoman for Grupo Modelo's subsidiary in Europe.

The case goes to court Sept. 22. Grupo Modelo previously won a similar case in France.

Russian brewer Rosar has been selling its own version of "Corona" since 1996. Its bottle is darker than Corona's distinctive clear bottle. Reynoso said the company, "registered (the brand) after Grupo Modelo did, taking advantage of the prestige and international presence of Corona Extra."

Grupo Modelo began exporting to Russia in 1993. Its sales of Corona Extra grew 70% in 1998.

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