The most beers on tap?

Before Guinness gives Yard House the record, a visit to Georgia is needed

Aug 16, 1999 - The Los Angeles Times recently ran a story that the Yard House in Long Beach, Calif., is awaiting official confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records that it has the largest selection of draft beer anywhere.


If the Guinness folks are vigilant they will discover that Taco Mac in Cumming, Ga., offers a wider choice of beers. The Yard House has 250 handles, but usually "only" 180 or so different beers. Taco Mac in Cumming, an offspring of Taco Macs in Sandy Springs and Snellville (each with more than 100 taps), has 224 taps, each pouring a different beer.

Unlike the Taco Macs, where the lines from kegs to taps are very short, the Yard House uses five miles of beer lines. In an average week, it sells 200 kegs, or nearly 25,000 pints. The bar also serves beer in yard glasses (so named because they are 36 inches high), and on an average Friday night will sell 100 of those. A pint of Coors Light, with Bud Light the cheapest beer on the menu, costs $3.75 while a yard is $14.

Coors Light is the top-selling beer, seven kegs per week, while Widmer Hefeweizen sales average four kegs per week during the summer.

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