How much alcohol in that beer?

New system helps Britons make easy calculation

July 27, 1999 - Producers of some of Great Britain's most popular alcoholic beverages will soon begin adding even more alcohol content information to labels.


Unlike in the United States, the percentage of alcohol in drinks is already clearly stated on labels. The new system -- which large companies such as Guinness and Heineken beers, Bacardi rum and Johnny Walker whisky have committed to -- will use little bottle- or can-shaped icons to show how many units of alcohol are inside.

The Department of Health, which is promoting the new labeling system, recommends that men drink a maximum of three to four units a day, and women two to three.

An average bottle of wine holds nine units and a 330 ml can of 5% (by volume) strength beer has 1.7 units.

No similar system is planned for draft beer consumed in pubs, however most pubs include alcohol content information on posted beer menus.

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