'Strange Brew' sequel in doubt

Producer-actor shuts down production

July 24, 1999 - Producer-actor Dave Thomas told the Toronto Sun that he is considering legal action against the Toronto-based company that failed to deliver on financing the movie "Home Brew."


The $15 million movie was to be a sequel to 1982's "Strange Brew," with Thomas and Rick Moranis as Bob and Doug MacKenzie.

Thomas said production was shut down after he discovered that certain Home Brew money arrangements weren't in place, including an insurance policy that guarantees sales and distribution of "Home Brew."

Moranis and Thomas created the beer-drinking MacKenzie brothers characters for SCTV skits, and subsequently released the movie "Strange Brew."

A MEG Media Group official said that "Home Brew" had not been totally shelved down and MEG was still negotiating with Thomas about re-scheduling production.

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