Indiana loosens homebrew restrictions

Hoosier homebrewers may now take beer to meetings, contests

June 11, 1999 - Indiana homebrewers soon will be able to take their beers to homebrew club meetings and competitions without worrying if it is legal. Gov. Frank O'Bannon has signed a law into effect that states: "Homemade beer and wine can be taken to locations other than the home in which it was made for educational, evaluations or testing purposes."


While homebrewing in Indiana is explicitly legal, the law also expressly prohibited transported homebrew from the brewer's home to any other location.

The law takes effect July 1. The legislation was sponsored by Rep. Brian Hasler (D-Evansville).

The bill permits licensed establishments to allow homemade beer or wine to be brought onto the premises for the same reasons. This will allow brewpubs, bars and restaurants to host homebrew meetings and competitions without fear of losing their liquor license.

Information from "Walking the Dog," the newsletter of the Fermenters of Special Southern Indiana Libations Society (FOSSILS).

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