Craft beers shine in taste tests

Microbrewed beers outperform imports in blind tastings

May 1, 1999 - As part of a new American Homebrewers Association program, Association of Brewers founder Charlie Papazian recently toured the Northeast and Southwest, meeting often with homebrewers and other beer enthusiasts. Along the way he conducted a series of blind tastings. "I have to tell you when they learned what they were tasting and saw the results they were very surprised," Papazian said. "Without the marketing behind it, when people judge with their pallet, we see they are preferring craft beers."


In Cambridge, Mass., at a Samuel Adams beer dinner, Samuel Adams Golden Pilsner beat Corona 25-4; Samuel Adams Boston Lager shut out Heineken 29-0 and Samuel Adams IPA draft bettered Bass Ale 23-5.

In a gathering at Rio Grande Brewing in Albuquerque, N.M., Rio Grande's Desert Pils and Grolsch tied, Samuel Adams Boston Lager outpolled Heineken 11-5 and Cabezon Stout (from Cabezon Brewing in Albuquerque) beat Guinness 12-4.