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Czech brewery offers tubs filled with 'Bathing Beer'

Apr 2, 2006 - A Czech family brewery has opened a spa in its cellar, offering baths, beer massages and beer cosmetics.


The converted cellars at the Chodovar Family brewery in Chodova Plana include seven huge baths inspired by Victorian design where guests can swim in beer while sipping a pint at a bath side bar.

"Beer can treat a range of conditions, particularly skin conditions," said owner Jiri Plevka, "and the health center should appeal to men who are put off by 'posh' traditional spas."

A weekend package costs about $150, with a range of treatments - such as beer wraps at about $22 - additional.

The brewery's web site describes the baths:

"The major bath ingredient is dark Bathing Beer . . .

"The client is immersed into the baths which is enriched by a batch of active beer yeast and a mixture of dehydrated crushed herbs. The agreeable temperature of the water causes mild and gradual rise of the heart activity and activation of blood circulation in all the vascular system. The bath warms the cuticle and releases skin pores through which, due to moderate sweating, unhealthy substances are scoured away from the sub cutis.

"The mix of crushed herbs functions as purifying peeling. The beer yeast provides the skin with a wide range of vitamins B, proteins and saccharides and contributes to overall softening and regeneration of the cuticle. Carbonized bubbles contained in the mineral water IL-SANO remain on the skin, calm down the warmed up body surface and enable effective relaxation in mild sparkling baths.

"To increase the outcome of the bath and enhance the relaxation experience, the guests are recommended a glass of unique non-pasteurized Rock Lager including active yeast culture which positively work on all the digestive system. The length of the stay in the bath is 20 minutes."

Published : Apr 2, 2006
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