Craft beer sales top $3.3 billion

Regional brewers lead way; 'higher price' category grows

Apr 29, 2002 - With growth of 1.2% in 2001, craft beer sales topped $3.3 billion in 2001, according to figures released by the Institute for Brewing Studies.


"The industry, which began in the 1970's, has shown growth every year for the past 20 years. That really speaks to the staying power of craft beer," said Paul Gatza, IBS director. "The quality and diversity of American beer has never been better, except perhaps tomorrow."

In 2001, the industry produced more than 6.2 million barrels of craft beer in the United States. This growth means the net volume gain for 2001 was 78,620 barrels - equivalent to more than 1.5 million cases of new craft-beer sales bringing the total U.S. craft brewing industry annual sales for 2001 to more than $3.3 billion.

The IBS reports 994 brewpubs, 420 microbreweries and 44 regional specialty breweries in the United States in 2001.

The regional specialty breweries' share of the total craft brewing industry increased from 54 percent in 2000 to 57 percent in 2001. The IBS defines regional breweries as those that brew between 15,000 and 2,000,000 barrels. Sierra Nevada, New Belgium Brewing Co. and Magic Hat are regional specialty breweries.

The total craft and import beers sales show that the single category of "higher price beer" increased from 13.03% to 13.86% of the total beer market in 2001.

Large breweries and traditional regional breweries share of the 2001 U.S. beer market is 86.14%. Imports beer market share is 10.77%. Craft brewers beer market share is 3.09%.

Top 25 Specialty Brewers in the U.S. (2001)
1. Boston Beer Co, MA
2. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, CA
3. Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co, WI
4. Spoetzl Brewing Co, TX
5. FX Matt Brewing Co, NY
6. New Belgium Brewing Co, CO
7. Redhook Ale Brewery, WA
8. Pete's Brewing Co, TX
9. Widmer Brothers Brewing Co, OR
10. Pyramid Breweries Inc., WA
11. Deschutes Brewery, OR
12. Anchor Brewing Co, CA
13. Alaskan Brewing & Bottling Co, AK
14. Portland Brewing Co, OR
15. Harpoon Brewery, MA
16. Snyder International, OH
17. Gordon Biersch Production Brewery, CA
18. Full Sail Brewing Co, OR
19. Mendocino Brewing Co, CA
20. Boulevard Brewing Co, KS
21. Summit Brewing Co, MN
22. Long Trail Brewing Co, VT
23. Goose Island Beer Co, IL
24. Rock Bottom Restaurants, CO
25. BridgePort Brewing Co, OR

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