July is American Beer Month

Brewing organizations unite to promote variety, quality of American brewing

Dec 20, 1999 - The Institute of Brewing Studies and brewers guilds across the nation have selected July 2000 for the first American Beer Month. American Beer Month is a national promotional campaign designed to raise awareness of the variety and quality of American craft beers.


American Beer Month will provide many different avenues for celebration and promotion. State brewers guilds will organize beer festivals and beer dinners. Individual brewpubs, microbreweries, and regional breweries will organize their own events, inviting other restaurants and breweries to partner with them, or will highlight their own examples of American brewing and American beer cuisine.

The IBS hopes that companies in the business of selling beer, such as wholesalers, taverns and beer retailers will participate. All events will be united under the American Beer Month umbrella.

American Beer Month was created last October during the Great American Beer Festival when IBS members and state craft brewers guilds met to brainstorm possibilities for a national craft beer advertising campaign.

The IBS will promote American Beer Month by working with other associations, including brewers associations and state brewers guilds, but also wholesaler, retailer, and restaurant associations; barley and hop growers; and suppliers of packaging materials.

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